Transfer Acceptance Rate to Cal Poly, SLO, Highest in Region for 12th Year in a Row

Nearly 60 percent of applicants were accepted.

TransferRates4Fall2013JUNE 6, 2013 -- Recent data from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, reports that for the twelfth year in a row, transfer students from Allan Hancock College enjoyed the highest transfer acceptance rate in the state among all community colleges that transfer a significant number of students to the respected university.

Cal Poly’s Region 6 Spring Community College Update shows that 59.68 percent of Hancock students who applied to the university for fall 2013 were accepted, as compared to 50.41 percent from Cuesta College, and 24.51 percent from Santa Barbara City College, the two other most adjacent community colleges.  (PHOTO: Many 2013 AHC graduates, some of which are pictured above, have been accepted by Cal Poly, SLO, for the fall 2013 term.)

The transfer acceptance rate is determined by looking at the number of students accepted versus the number who applied.  Other community colleges in Region 6 include Moorpark (21.93), Ventura (21.83), College of the Canyons (28.57), Antelope Valley (14.29) and Oxnard (15.38).

Julie Vasques, the college’s University Transfer Center coordinator/counselor, believes that Hancock’s high transfer acceptance rate to Cal Poly is due, in part, to its university transfer counseling process, coupled with the quality of instruction that students receive as they prepare to transfer.

“We are with the student from the time they enter until the time they leave,” she explained.  “It’s a three-tier process, beginning with articulation – knowing which courses transfer to which colleges.”

Vasques stressed the importance of one-on-one counselor meetings, remaining focused on the exact requirements of each university and making sure students are taking the right courses in the right sequence to transfer.

Second, intensive workshops and training are important to assist students in properly completing a university application, whether to Cal Poly, UCSB, Berkeley, Fresno State or any other university destination.  Vasques said that an application can make or break a student and there’s only one chance to get it right.

“This is the most effective part of the application process,” Vasques said.  “At Cal Poly, they look at this as a sort of ‘first exam,’ and we are here to help students pass.”

Allan Hancock College students choose more than Cal Poly as university transfer destinations.  UCSB, Berkeley and San JoseState are other popular destinations.  “Students are becoming more mobile and looking outside the area,” Vasques added.  Other top choices include California state universities such as Fresno, Northridge, Long Beach and Fullerton.

To help students make the transition to four-year universities, AllanHancockCollege has forged a number of transfer guarantees to various institutions.  For example, students who successfully complete the required curriculum at Hancock are guaranteed admission at one of nine California universities, including UCSB, CSU Monterey Bay, UC Davis, UC Irvine and more.  Additional private universities consistently accept all AHC students who have completed the appropriate course of study.

“Our sole purpose in the University Transfer Center is to ensure our students’ transfer success,” Vasques added.  “We take it seriously, and so do our students.  They work very hard at being successful.”

For more information about the transfer opportunities at Allan Hancock College, call the UTC at (805) 922-6966 ext. 3293.

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