Early Childhood Studies Program Boasts 90 Percent Retention Rate...

...and helps students achieve their goals.

Childrens Center GardeningAUGUST 1, 2013 -- After earning six units of credit in early childhood studies courses, students can qualify for an entry-level position as a daycare aide.  It’s just one of many opportunities available to students in the early childhood studies program, which offers five degrees, numerous certificates and the option to earn guaranteed transfer to a four-year university.

“There’s more to this program than taking care of or studying children,” explained instructor Thesa Roepke.  “We all interact with children and families at some point in our lives, and whether you plan to be a police officer, a doctor or a mechanic, knowing the best ways to interact with children is going to help you in your career.”

Two entry-level early childhood studies courses will be offered during the 2013 fall semester – ECS 100, Child Growth and Development, and ECS 101, Child, Family and Community.  Both classes are popular with students, who are able to apply what they learn in class to their own experiences and families.

“People are very interested in studying development because it’s like looking through a window into your past,” Roepke said.  “We’ve all been through childhood and adolescence and have our own memories and experiences to share.”

Both ECS 100 and 101 courses meet general education requirements, as well as qualifying toward a degree in early childhood studies, and are transferable to University of California and California State University campuses.

In addition to general education courses, the early childhood studies program is a great launching point for a career as a teacher, social services worker, child psychologist and more, according to program coordinator and lead instructor Judith Dal Porto.

“We’ve graduated more than 170 students in the last seven years and have a retention rate of more 90 percent,” Dal Porto said.  “Once our students commit to our program, we do our best to help them succeed.”

Students can register and enroll in early childhood studies classes through August 23.  Register online at hancockcollege.edu or email jdalporto@hancockcollege.edu for more information.

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