Local Manufacturers Partner with Hancock to Offer More Machining Classes

It's a win-win scenario for industry and education!


It is a partnership that truly exemplifies a win-win scenario: four Central Coast manufacturing companies are helping to fund an important training program, and in return those companies will have access to more and better-trained potential employees.

Over the next three years, Helical Products, Melfred Borzall, the Blaine Johnson Foundation, and Karl Storz Imaging have pledged a total of $120,000 in cash and equipment to support hiring a full-time faculty member in Allan Hancock College’s machining and manufacturing technology program.  In return, the college is now able to offer at least five classes in machining and manufacturing during both fall and spring semesters through the 2014-15 academic year. 

Shown above from left are Eric Melsheimer of Melfred Borzall, Alan Ek and Leroy McChesney of Helical Products, Elizabeth Miller, Ed.D., AHC interim superintendent/president, and Robert Mabry, AHC machine technology instructor.

“These donations will make all the difference in the world to our program and ultimately to the students and community that so eagerly wants and needs this training,” said Elizabeth Miller, Ed.D., interim superintendent/president.  “We could not have filled the position without this support.”

Allan Hancock College offers the only machine technology training program from Ventura to San Jose.  Machinists are in high demand in local manufacturing, agriculture, medical instruments manufacturing, aerospace, and more.

“Manufacturing is an important, but often overlooked part of the Central Coast economy,” said Eric Melsheimer, vice president, Melfred Borzall.  “Local companies produce components for the Mars rovers, drag racing engines, aircraft interiors and many other high tech products sold around the world.  But skilled workers are needed for these jobs.  With a focused, full-time instructor, along with the new industrial technology building under construction, the future for students in the Hancock machine technology program is very bright!”

Instructor Robert Mabry agrees.  “The curriculum at Allan Hancock College is continuously addressing emerging technologies such as Computer Aided Manufacturing and Design (CAD/CAM) and rapid prototyping,” he said.  “In just two years, students are trained to become skilled machinists with the knowledge necessary to begin a career in the high-tech world of machine technology.”

“I am very excited about the support we are receiving from our manufacturing partners,” Mabry added, “and I am looking forward to helping our community obtain employment in this excellent career field.”

For more information about the machining and manufacturing program at Allan Hancock College, contact Mabry at rmabry@hancockcollege.edu or 1-805-922-6966 ext. 3487.

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Last Modified Jun 8, 2018