Alternate Texts Form

Please thoroughly complete the following form. After submitting the form, please check your email frequently. You will receive a confirmation email and possibly a request for more information from our e-text provider.

E-text requests take a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to fulfill so register for classes, buy your books and submit your e-text request(s) as soon as possible.

Remember, before submitting this form you must have:

  1. Obtained approval for e-text from your LAP specialist
  2. Registered for classes and purchased your textbooks.For copyright reasons be prepared to show proof of purchase when you pick up your e-text.


In general, 2 to 6 weeks notice is required to obtain a textbook in an alternate format. Braille can take longer. The LAP department will make every attempt to provide materials as promptly as possible, However, late requests will result in a delay in providing course materials.

By submitting this form I confirm that I have purchased the instructional material and that I agree to the release of documents verifying my disability if the publisher requires a copy. I understand that any e- text, which may be supplied to me, is solely for my own educational purposes. I will not copy or distribute any such e-text in violation of the Copyright Revisions Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C. Sec. 101 et seq.). I understand that failure to abide by this agreement may constitute a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and or the college policy regarding the responsible use of LAP services and I understand that a violation of that policy, including improper distribution of electronic text, may result in suspension of LAP services.

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Last Modified Sep 2, 2014