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A guide to the Language Lab for students enrolled in ESL and foreign language classes

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  1. You are required to spend one hour (60 min.) in the lab each week.  This can be done in one session or multiple sessions.  You can come in any time during the hours listed above for your class. Your instructor will get a weekly printout of the time you have spent in the lab.  If you have any questions about your lab time you may ask either your instructor or the Language Lab Coordinator for clarification. 
  2. To get credit for lab attendance, you must sign in and out on the attendance computer using a valid student ID card and your CRN number every time you work in the lab. Please, sign IN and OUT (capital letters) each time you use our lab resources.  If you forget to sign out, you will get NO credit for that day.

Lab Procedures

  1. Turn off cell phones, etc.
  2. Leave food and/or beverages at the door.
  3. Sign in at the Student Attendance Computer.
  4. Select a workstation and deposit your belongings.
  5. Check for your weekly assignment.
  6. Complete assignment and turn in to your instructor’s box.
  7. Sign out at the Student Attendance Computer.


  1. All the lab assignments must be done in the lab itself where you can get the help you need.  The lab hour does not substitute for work done in class but rather serves as a supplement.  In the lab you will get extra practice on the material you learn in class.
  2. Hand in any written work when you finish your assignment.  The assignments do not need to be completed in a single session.  However, only turn in completed assignments and make sure they are properly identified by name, class, instructor and assignment number.
  3. Assignments will be checked off every week by lab personnel.  You may be allowed three late assignments per semester.  Any other late assignments will not be graded by lab personnel.  Please see your instructor for their specific policy concerning late lab work.

CAN8 Users

CAN8 Log-In: Your User ID is found on the top left-hand corner of your monitor:

  • If you are sitting at Station 1, your log-in is Station1 (no spaces).  At Station 23?  Station23, etc.
  • Your Password is PWORD

English Discoveries Users

English Discoveries Log-In: Your User ID is found on the top left-hand corner of your monitor:

  • If you are sitting at Station 1, your log-in is Station1 (no spaces).  At Station 23?  Station23, etc.
  • Your Password is PWORD

Computer Use

  1. You may only use the computers in the Language Lab for your ESL or foreign language assignments.
  2. Internet use is limited to ESL or foreign language assignments.  For example, you may NOT use the computers in the lab for sending email, chatting, surfing the web, or viewing pornography.
  3. Any student violating these rules the first time will be asked to leave the Language Lab.  If this happens again, the matter will be brought to the attention of your language instructor and the Dean of Languages and Communications, who will take disciplinary action.

Other Rules 

  1.  Food and beverages are not allowed in the Language Lab.
  2.  Since the Language Lab is primarily a study area, you must be considerate of others by keeping conversation low and to a minimum.
  3. You may print up to 5 pages of lab related work per visit.
  4. Children are not allowed in the Language Lab per the California State Education Code.  No exceptions can be made to this rule.
  5. Cell phones must be turned off before coming into the Language Lab.  If your phone goes off, you will be asked to leave, and return when you are finished with your call.

We look forward to working with you this semester!

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