eLumen Update - 2/2/15

  • Access to eLumen 4.0 is no longer available for faculty and staff. The IRP office will be providing ALL program review annual update reports from eLumen to each program by mid-February.
  • The new version of eLumen will be launched in early March 2015 and training will be scheduled in mid-March through May so that spring 2015 data can be input before the summer break.
  • If you have S14 or F14 data that did not get entered into eLumen, please contact Jennie Robertson at ext. 3880 or jrobertson@hancockcollege.edu as soon as possible.

What is eLumen?

eLumen software was purchased based on faculty recommendation by the 2007-2012 Title V HSI Grant and AHC to house student learning outcomes and assessment data.  Roles are defined in eLumen to limit access and sharing. Only faculty teaching a specific course will see their own data. All other views of data will be aggregated.

Where do I find eLumen?

  • Through myHancock/Faculty or Work Tools Tab/Assessment & IRP Channel

Use your myHancock login/password to access eLumen. All teaching faculty will have an account. If you cannot access or need assistance, please contact Jennie Robertson at ext. 3880.

 benefits of eLumen

  • eLumen houses student learning outcomes for each course and can be accessed by faculty teaching the course using their myHancock login.
  • eLumen provides insight on course strengths and weaknesses by cataloging assessments of each SLO.
  • eLumen provides faculty a printed report of their status on assessing student learning outcomes which can be included in the program review annual update and eliminates the need to prepare charts and narratives for all SLOs.
  • eLumen data can be declared in an assessment (aggregate scoring) which means you only enter 3 numbers in eLumen for each learning outcome per course you assess (note: IRP recommends data be entered student by student, but it is not mandatory. This would allow for further drill-down into the data upon request by the faculty for program review or other inquiry).
  • eLumen data will not be used for full-time faculty evaluation.
  • eLumen data will support the college’s accreditation recommendation.
  • eLumen also supports the ACCJC’s accreditation requirements.

elumen UPDate & training

The eLumen software conversion to version 5.1 has been postponed. Spring data can be entered into eLumen 4.0 through the end of August.  More information will be distributed when the conversion is completed and training for v5.1 will be scheduled in early fall or at your department meeting.  See the training page for details.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one eLumen training to input data, please contact Jennie Robertson directly to make arrangements.

eLumen 'how to' documents


Jennie Robertson   Learning Outcomes Analyst email a question   x3880

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Rob Meyer, FT Geology faculty gives an overview of entering course data and scoring students in eLumen.

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