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The various administrative units at Allan Hancock College have identified outcomes to support their areas. The assessment of those outcomes enables the college to understand its effectiveness and improve administrative functions.


  • SAO 1: Close AHC Foundation books within two weeks of month end.
  • SAO 2: Process all Accounts Payable within the vendor terms.
  • SAO 3: Process Bookstore and AHC Foundation payroll on-time with 99% accuracy.
  • SAO 4: Perform at least one random Bookstore safe count each month.
  • SAO 5: Provide a 12 business day maximum turnaround on green sheets that are complete, comply with appropriate codes and have required back-up and authorization.


  • SAO 1: Maintain a positive fund balance at fiscal year-end.
  • SAO 2: Achieve 65% average capacity in all venues.
  • SAO 3: Provide monthly financial package to PCPA Managers with summary of results within two weeks of month-end.
  • SAO 4: Establish a bi-monthly payroll for hourly employees and monthly payroll for exempt salaried employees by the 26th of each month.
  • SAO 5: Update Employee Handbook and keep current each year.
  • SAO 6: Provide patrons with excellent service at the box office.
  • SAO 7: Ensure patrons have a safe and pleasant experience while attending productions.
  • SAO 8: Optimize box office staffing to provide maximum customer service at minimum cost per hour (goals to be determined).
  • SAO 9: Collaborate with the PCPA Foundation to evaluate the role and mission of the PCPA Foundation as a supporting organization of PCPA in an effort to grow contributed income and development activities.
  • SAO 10: Continue focus on audience development.
  • SAO 11: Develop and implement a formal plan and process for funding equipment and technology requirements.


  • SAO 1: Implement Bookstore staff reorganization.
  • SAO 2: Expand rental program.
  • SAO 3: Develop campus partnering program.
  • SAO 4: Develop structured student employee position and training program.
  • SAO 5: Revise web site.
  • SAO 6: Restore Bookstore profitability.
  • SAO 7: Implement revised internal control procedures and hardware.


  • SAO 1: Timely distribution of student refunds.
  • SAO 2: Successful implementation of online parking permit system.


  • SAO 1: Enhance/increase campus graphics insourcing services to students, staff and non-profits.
  • SAO 2: Enhance/increase communication to students and non-profits about campus graphics services.
  • SAO 3: Provide a retail presence for students, staff and non-profits.


  • SAO 1: Reduction in crime.
  • SAO 2: Increase in number of crimes solved.
  • SAO 3: Overall feeling of safety on campus.


  • SAO 1: Engage in timely, accurate communication with donors.
  • SAO 2: Successfully acquire resources to address the college's identified critical needs.
  • SAO 3: Maintain compliance with all Federal, State, and District standards to enable the AHC Foundation to continue to operate as a non-profit organization.
  • SAO 4: Build awareness among college employees of how the AHC Foundation can support their programs.


  • SAO 1: The institution maintains a sufficient number of qualified staff with full-time responsibility to the institution.
  • SAO 2: The institution has a sufficient number of support staff and administrators with appropriate preparation and experience to provide the administrative services necessary to support the institution's mission and purposes.


  • SAO 1: Employees are provided with the technology resources needed to accomplish their functions.
  • SAO 2: Employees are satisfied with the outcomes of their technology support requests.


  • SAO 1: Develop new resources to increase the amount of external support for educational programs and support services.
  • SAO 2: Enhance the college's capacity to develop proposals and administer funded projects.
  • SAO 3: Strengthen campus and community collaborations.


  • SAO 1: Respond to requests for data by date needed.
  • SAO 2: Complete federal and state reports by due dates.
  • SAO 3: Provide access to common program review / annual updates data.
  • SAO 4: Archive program review and annual updates documents.


  • SAO 1: Maintenance – Reduce the time frame for completing repair work orders to within one week from submittal to completion.
  • SAO 2: Custodial – Improve cleaning efficiency of custodial staff by improving cleaning methods and equipment to maintain Level III Cleanliness.
  • SAO 3: Grounds – Reduce the campus grounds water usage and improve the landscaping with more native vegetation.
  • SAO 4: Transportation – Improve staff transportation and reduce fossil fuel costs by adding more alternative fuel vehicles.


  • SAO 1: Enhance/increase communication to students, staff and the public via social media channels.
  • SAO 2: Increase web traffic and "self serve" options for students and the public to access college information.
  • SAO 3: Provide valuable real-time information via the Student Helpdesk.

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Ivan Lucatero

Ivan Lucatero
Cal Poly SLO, Aerospace Engineering

I excelled in math and science in school, so engineering was the right fit and I just had to figure out how to get it done. Throughout high school, I took courses at Allan Hancock College (AHC), and graduated as my high school valedictorian. I then attended AHC in search of a smooth transition to a university. I was able to take my lower division engineering courses and form a great relationship with my professors. While at AHC, I received multiple scholarships form the Allan Hancock Foundation, Santa Barbara Foundation, and MESA-NSF Scholarship. I then attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, to pursue an aerospace engineering degree. After just one year at Cal Poly, I was accepted into one of the most prestigious internship programs that NASA offers, the Aeronautics Academy.
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