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If a course is not offered in the current semester, contact the academic department for future availability. 

Advertising – see Business

Anatomy – see Biology

Animation – see Multimedia Arts

Archaeology – see Anthropology

Athletics – see Physical Education Intercollegiate Athletics

AUTOCAD – see Engineering Technology

Beauty College – see Cosmetology

Bookkeeping – see Accounting

Career Awareness – see Personal Development

Ceramics – see Art

Child Development – see Early Childhood Studies

Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) – see Engineering Technology

Computer Maintenance/Repair – see Computer Science or Electronics

Computer Office Applications – see Computer Business Information Systems (CBIS) and Computer Business Office Technology (CBOT)

Cooking – see Culinary Arts

Criminal Justice – see Law Enforcement Training

Digital Media – see Multimedia Arts or Graphics

Drafting – see Engineering Technology

Enology – see Agribusiness

Ethnic Studies – see Sociology

Fashion – see Family and Consumer Sciences

First Aid – see Emergency Medical Services

Government – see Political Science

Hazardous Materials – see Environmental Health and Safety

Home Economics – see Family and Consumer Sciences

Intercollegiate Sports – see Physical Education Intercollegiate Athletics

Interior Design – see Family and Consumer Sciences

Law – see Business or Paralegal

Learning Assistance – see Special Instruction

Literature – see English

Machine Transcription – see Computer Business Office Technology

Marketing – see Business

Industrial Math – see Engineering Technology

Mechatronics – see Computer Electronics, Computer Science, Electronics or Engineering Technology

Nutrition – see Food Science and Nutrition

Oceanography – see Geology

Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA) – see Theatre

Parenting – see Early Childhood Studies

Police Academy – see Law Enforcement Training

Restaurant Management – see Culinary Arts

Robotics – see Mechatronics in Computer Electronics, Computer Science, Electronics or Engineering Technology

Secretarial Science – see Computer Business Office Technology

Social Work – see Human Services

Statistics – see Mathematics

Substance Abuse Education – see Human Services, Sociology, or Psychology

Teaching – see Education or Early Childhood Studies

Typing – see Computer Business Office Technology-Keyboarding

Viticulture – see Agribusiness

Veterinary – see Registered Veterinary Technician

Web Page Design – see Multimedia Arts or Graphics

Winemaking – see Agribusiness

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Brent Jordan

Brent Jordan
Fire Academy Student

"I chose the fire technology program at Allan Hancock because of what it can provide for me. It's giving me a step above the other academies and throughout the state. Graduates of this academy have gone on to be the chiefs and the captains that are going to be hiring us, so when we go in for interviews by being able to say that we graduated at this academy they know what we've experienced. Allan Hancock College has provided me with the physical and mental capabilities through the classroom training we do each day and the physical training we do each morning. This academy pushes you to your boundaries and then you begin to work on those weaknesses; your weaknesses then become your strengths so you're actually growing as a person. Allan Hancock has made a difference in my life it's really taught me who I am and where I want to be."

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