Apply for Admission to Hancock

Thank you for your interest in attending AHC.

Complete a free online admission application. By clicking on the "Apply for Admission" button below, you will be directed to the California Community College Online Application (CCCApply). 

When submitting your application, you will have the option of not submitting your SSN and to Consent to Release Information: 

  • Not submitting your SSN:  Your application process and the ability to register and receive financial aid may be delayed if you have been issued a valid social security number, and choose to submit your application for admission without your correct SSN. See more information on providing a Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Request for Consent to Release Information:  To protect your privacy, marking the box I do not consent, requires that you, the student, provide written authorization and a valid photo ID each and every time you or a third party requests any information about your records.

It is important that you complete BOTH steps:

Step 1: Create a CCCApply account and receive a CCCID
Step 2: Complete the application for admission.


You will need…

  • high school transcripts (or previous education information)
  • a social security number, if you have one
  • an email address

Good News! Support is now available 24/7 and during major holidays. Speak with a live technical consultant within 60 seconds or less. 

Call: 877-247-4836
TTY: 877-836-9332


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Last Modified Jan 25, 2018