Friday Night Science



Some Key Changes this Year...

1. The Boneyard: Full human, ostrich and horse skeletons, as well as partial skeletons of other creatures will be on hand. Experts will be present to discuss comparative anatomy, how muscles work, evolution and more!

2. Math Mayhem Area: Make pop-up dodecahedrons, cut up Mobius strips in startling ways, tessellation (tiling) for your visitors, surprisingly tricky subtraction puzzles, find your center of mass, and more!

3. The Return of Name that Rock: Back by popular demand, geologists will  be on hand to help people identify that rock you've always wondered about. It often helps if you know where the rock was found. So if possible, bring that information with you.

4. Less waiting: All shows will again be outside. There is no standing around for tickets. Also, there will be multiple copies of some of the most popular demos on hand to cut down wait times.

5. More food: MESA Tri-Tip BBQ fundraiser includes sandwich, chips and a drink for $9. The proceeds will go toward student scholarships. Note: Food and drink is NOT allowed in the buildings.

6. Parking: Consider parking by the Building M or by Building A/B. Signs will be in place to help you find your way. You'll probably hear music, so just follow your ears!



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