Non-Institutional Scholarships and Information

Bey & Associates Scholarship 8/1/2017 APPLY
Counter Culturist Literature Lovers Essay Scholarship 8/10/2017 APPLY
Laser Spine Institute Scholarship 8/15/2017 APPLY
Greg Baumgartner Scholarship 8/31/2017 APPLY
RN-to-BSN scholarship 8/31/2017 APPLY
2017 Mobility Disability Scholarship 9/1/2017 APPLY
Mobility Disability Scholarship 9/1/2017 APPLY
Liaison’s Annual Data-Inspired Future Scholarship 10/1/2017 APPLY
Alcohol Addiction Awareness Essay Contest 10/1/2017 APPLY
California Strawberry Scholarships 10/1/2017 APPLY
The Realty Medics Scholarship 10/6/2017 APPLY
A Better Florist Scholarship 10/30/2017 APPLY
Kyle Gohr Leadership Scholarship 11/15/2017 APPLY
Scholarship for outdoor lovers 11/24/2017 APPLY
Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship 11/25/2017 APPLY
Axon Optics 'Migraine Story" Scholarship 11/30/2017 APPLY
Alure Home Improvements Scholar 12/1/2017 APPLY Scholarships 12/1/2017 APPLY
Staver Law Group Scholarship  12/1/2017 APPLY
Avacare Medical Scholarship 12/15/2017 APPLY
Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship 12/15/2017 APPLY “Transparency” Scholarship 12/15/2017 APPLY
2016 Veteran Benefits Scholarship 12/31/2017 APPLY
Assisted Living Scholarship 12/31/2017 APPLY
Iflexion Scholarship 12/31/2017 APPLY
CNA Annual Scholarship 12/31/2017 APPLY

Medical Assistant Degrees Healthcare Scholarship

12/31/2017 APPLY
Southwestern Rungs Depot 1/2/2018 APPLY
Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara 1/15/2018 APPLY
Pathable Scholarship 1/15/2018 APPLY
Military Scholarship Essay Contest 2/28/2018 APPLY
The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 12/1/2016 & 3/31/2017  APPLY
Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship 3/7/2017 & 3/25/2018 APPLY
The Rxight Scholarship 4/1/2017 & 9/1/2017 APPLY
Tungsten Rings & Co Scholarship   4/15/2017 & 10/15/2017 APPLY
The Wells Chiropractic Scholarship 5/31/2017 & 11/30/2017 APPLY
American Muscle Automotive Scholarship 6/15/2017 & 10/15/2017 APPLY
Adoptions from the Heart Birth Parent Scholarship  7/1/2017 & 12/1/2017 APPLY
Student Veterans Scholarships VARY APPLY


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Monique Arzaga

Monique Arzaga
Cosmetology Student

"Attending Allan Hancock College has been very good because it's close to home and the atmosphere is welcoming. My instructors are very helpful when I don't understand something and everything we learn is fun."
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