Getting Prepared to Teach Online

Teaching using a different modality can be a challenge. Many of the normal pedagogical assumptions can change. For example, maintaining regular contact with your online students if very important. If you are new to teaching using technology and/or want to teach online, please contact the Distance Education Specialist. They can offer materials, workshops, training, and support.

Best Practices in DE - The Welcome Message  PDF

Getting Started in Distance Learning PDF

Principles of Online Learning PDF

@one Standards for Online Instructors PDF

Course Design Rubric for the Online Education Initiative 

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Mirian Guzman

Mirian Guzman
ECS Student

I want to continue my education and hope one day to obtain my Master's degree and lead my own classroom. Being in college means the world to me, but getting here was not easy. Thanks to the support of my family and close friends and overcoming my own obstacles, I am here and will continue until I meet all my goals."

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