Curriculum Development

Initial Considerations

 The development and implementation of sound curriculum takes approximately one academic year. The AP&P Committee calculates that the initial development of curriculum proposals, prior to official signatures, usually takes between 8-10 weeks, and sometimes even more. Thus, initiators are encouraged to start their work a semester ahead of their proposed time frame for presenting a COMPLETE curriculum proposal to the AP&P Committee:

The quality and integrity of curriculum are first and foremost. New curriculum proposals must:

  • be compatible with the philosophy and mission of the college
  • respond to or reflect community or student needs
  • have available resources
  • meet curriculum standards

Effective fall 2014 and in accordance with the AP&P Calendar, all curriculum proposals will be submitted via CurricUNET.

Curriculum Development Resources

Course Outline of Record:  A Curriculum Reference Guide

Program and Course Approval Handbook, 5th edition, September 2013    

CurricUNET Instructional Videos

 How to Create A New Course in CurricUNET

How to Modify an Existing Course in CurricUNET

 Allan Hancock College CurricUNET Page



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