Prerequisites, Corequisites, & Advisories

The purpose of prerequisites, corequisites and advisories is to enhance a student’s chances of success in a desired course.

Prerequisite – A prerequisite is a course needed before a student may register for a subsequent course. The prerequisite course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better before enrolling in a more advanced course. 

Corequisite – A corequisite is a course that must be taken prior to or at the same time the student is enrolling in the desired course.

Advisory – An advisory is a course that a student is encouraged, (but not required) to take before enrolling in a more advanced course. The advisory course will, in all likelihood, enhance a student's learning in the advance course.

If a student enrolls in a prerequisite course but does not receive a grade of “C” or better in that course, he/she will be dropped from the advanced course.

If a student intends to use courses from another college or high-school-level geometry to satisfy prerequisites, official transcripts must be submitted to our Admissions & Records office prior to registering for classes. For more information, please contact Admissions and Records at 805-922-6966 ext. 3248.


Students have the right to challenge college prerequisites. They also have the responsibility to provide documentation to support their appeal.

A prerequisite/corequisite appeal requires written documentation and/or, in the case of establishing an equivalency, a written explanation of alternative coursework (background or abilities) which in the student’s opinion adequately prepares the student for the course.

A prerequisite/corequisite appeal form can be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Student Services/Counseling and or downloaded below and must be submitted by the deadline. Refer to our Important Dates section for deadlines. 

Reasons for challenging a prerequisite/corequisite may include one or more of the following:

  1. A prerequisite/corequisite is not reasonably available to a student with a Student Education Plan (SEP). (Reasonably available is defined as any open seat(s) in any scheduled course within the last two semesters.);
  2. A student believes the prerequisite was established in violation of state regulation or in violation of the District approved prerequisite/corequisite process;
  3. The student believes the prerequisite/corequisite is discriminatory or being applied in a discriminatory manner. (Discrimination is defined as prerequisites/co-requisites being arbitrarily enforced with some group(s) of students and not with others or having disproportionate impact on a particular group of students.);
  4. Student has documented knowledge and abilities equivalent to those specified in the prerequisite course. Student documentation is required.

Students who wish to ask about the prerequisite/corequisite challenge process, should see a counselor. Completed challenge forms should be submitted to dean of student services/counseling. 

Prerequisite/Corequisite/Placement Appeal PDF 

To make an appointment with a counselor call
Santa Maria Campus (805) 922-6966, ext. 3293
Lompoc Valley Center (805) 735-3366, ext. 5200
VAFB Center (805) 734-3500

E-mail a Counselor



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