Cheerleading at AHC


The Allan Hancock College cheer squad is a spirited group that supports the athletic teams at home football games, home volleyball matches and both men’s and women’s basketball games. The cheer squad also travels to select away football games and postseason basketball events.

The role of each squad member is to provide support to all intercollegiate athletic programs during their season. The cheer squad is seeking individuals who not only have advanced, collegiate level skills in cheer and dance, but also have great leadership qualities and academic focus. 

Successful candidates must balance practices two to three days a week, game coverage, community and campus appearances, class schedules, school work, family, friends, and jobs. The priority for each member is academics, followed by the athletic commitment to the program.

Cheer squad members are expected to make the cheer squad their next priority, even over a job.

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Last Modified May 1, 2017