Eddie Triste

Eddie Triste was well known at Allan Hancock College. He maintained a high level of involvement with the campus and community while completing his studies here. Mr. Triste, a military veteran, began his college career at Hancock with varied interests, but his biggest interest was in helping people. He served on the AHC Associated Student Body Government for three years, one of which he served as president and was named “President of the Year” by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

Triste was chosen to participate in a research internship at UCSB this past summer. Now, he is at Sac State, and is funding his college education by participating in the very first group of AHC Take Flight; an organization of transfer students who collectively receive an investment to pay for college. It’s no surprise that Triste was just as active while participating on the CAN program. He worked as a CAN Peer Mentor for 4 semesters and brought a lot of passion and creativity to the job. Sac State is lucky to have Eddie Triste!

Transferred: Fall 2012 to Sacramento State
Major: Sociology

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Last Modified Jun 30, 2017