Hábitos y técnicas de estudio


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Cómo controlar la ansiedad ante los exámenes
  • ansiedad ante los exámenes
  • evaluación

Aim Studio Test preparation

Sigue estos consejos científicos para mejorar en tus
  • estudios
  • memoria


Estudiar menos estudiar inteligentemente
  • el lugar donde estudiamos
  • la voluntad y la motivación
  • estrategias de aprendizaje

study skills

Cómo organizarse
  • administrar tu tiempo
  • alcanzar tus metas                                       

Time Management  


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ESL Spotlight

Arturo Avila

Arturo Avila
Science Instructor, PVHS

One of the obstacles that I had to overcome was breaking the language barrier. Another obstacle I faced was financial hardship. As I completed my classes at AHC, I had to work in many part-time jobs such as a math/science tutor for the college tutoring center, night shift clerk for a local grocery store and vegetable cooling. Also, the MESA program and the STEM Center, not only supported me academically through resources such as access to books and computers, but also through working with students with interest in mathematics, science and engineering.

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