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The Allan Hancock College Foundation has been a resource for thousands of Allan Hancock College students since 1977. Whether a student needed workforce training, or planned to transfer to a four-year university or college, or was looking for personal enrichment, the foundation has been there to help make it possible to “Start Here, Go Anywhere”.

The Foundation has raised funds over the years that have changed lives through education by touching every aspect of the College’s life, including scholarships, programs, projects, and faculty and staff development. Each gift has moved the college forward.

As we look to the future, the Foundation will continue to support student success and provide the same kind of opportunities that have benefited more than eight decades of alumni.

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The Hancock Fund for Technology

The Hancock Endowment Fund creates a way for donors to give “permanent gifts” that will benefit all the College’s programs forever, in perpetuity, beyond a lifetime.

Year after year donors see their gifts disappearing into the “general funds” of organizations they support. Once they give their gift, it’s “gone”. It may pay for important needs of the organization at the time, but they know that another gift will be needed, and it’s just a year away  

Some donors want to help, but they feel they cannot give enough to start their own scholarship endowment. With the Allan Hancock College Endowment Fund, they can now be part of a permanent endowment for the college no matter the level of their gift.

Donors don’t just want to give their money away. They want to invest in something that saves lives and makes a lasting difference to their community.

The Fund will benefit students now and for the future, because the gift corpus is permanent. And, with sound investment practice, which the foundation is known for, the amount of funds created by a donor’s gift will increase each year as the value of gift increases. 

For more information, contact Jeff Cotter at the foundation at 805-925-2004.

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