Foundation Board Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The executive committee of the Allan Hancock College Foundation shall have and exercise the authority of the board of directors in the day-to-day management of the corporation as prescribed by the bylaws or as directed by the board of directors. The committee shall include the elected officers of the corporation, a trustee appointee, the Superintendent/President, and two at-large members of the board of directors. This committee will meet monthly or as necessary to effectively discharge the work of the foundation.

Investment Committee

The investment committee of the Allan Hancock College Foundation shall make recommendations to the executive committee relative to the Foundation’s financial activities but not limited to investment of funds, allocations of earnings, budgets, and fiscal policy. Subject to board approved policy, the committee shall exercise the powers of the corporation with regard to its assets and investments. The committee shall report at each regular board meeting concerning the income, expenses and investments of the corporation. The committee is chaired by the elected treasurer of the corporation; membership includes the College’s Associated Superintendent/Vice President, Administrative Services, and other voluntary members from the board and/or community. At no time should this committee have fewer than five (5) members.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee of the Allan Hancock College Foundation shall be responsible for seeking out, screening, and proposing new directors, as well as officers, to be elected to the board of directors. At the annual meeting of the corporation, the committee shall deliver a slate of officers for consideration. In addition, the committee shall recommend the nomination of new directors and/or re-nomination of current board members at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Foundation’s board of directors.

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee of the Allan Hancock College Foundation shall oversee the foundation's scholarship program and make recommendations to the board of directors on ways to improve the program's policies and procedures. As needed, the scholarship committee will review waiver requests from student recipients, and may authorize or deny approval of the request, as they deem appropriate. To expedite waiver requests based upon criteria that historically would be approved or denied, the committee may establish a process under which the Foundation’s Executive Director can review and process those with further input from the committee. In those instances, the waiver request must meet all other requirements and provide appropriate documentation in order to bypass the committee.

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