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Hancock students studying on the grassConcurrent Enrollment (CE) refers to college-credit bearing courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school teachers at the high school campus. The California Community College Chancellor’s Office has indicated that increasing the opportunities for high school students is its main legislative priority for this year. In 2015, the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges passed a resolution (6/03 S15) endorsing the Assembly bill sponsored by members Holden and Olsen (AB 288) to improve or expand concurrent enrollment opportunities. The bill, among other things, reduces the barriers to students wishing to take college courses at the high school, expands the opportunities for college districts and high school districts to form partnerships, reduces some fees associated with the program, and permits colleges to limit enrollment to high school students when courses are offered on high school campuses.

The Concurrent Enrollment Plan will support the overall Allan Hancock College (AHC) mission of providing quality educational opportunities that enhance student learning and the creative, intellectual, cultural and economic vitality of our diverse community.


All interested students will be required to submit:

  • an AHC Application for Admission
  • a Concurrent Enrollment Petition for Enrollment
  • a copy of their high school transcript

Students who have previously attended AHC must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at AHC to continue in the program.

Concurrent Enrollment students shall:

  • be subject to all of the College Now eligibility standards.
  • meet any college prerequisites for the college course.
  • take college-mandated assessment tests (when required) which will be offered on-site at the high school or at the college.

Students will be assessed using the same methods (e.g., papers, portfolios, quizzes, labs, etc.) as students in on-campus sections.


Contact your high school counselor for forms and dates. As part of the college experience, once the paperwork is verified by an AHC Admissions and Records representative, most student will register themselves, online, and should do so before the first date of the AHC class.

START: Student Testing, Advising, Retention and Transition

AHC is committed to your success as a student; therefore, we have developed START to assist you. The START program includes an assessment of your basic skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills, and math; an orientation to the college; and advising by academic counselors regarding your course selection.

Student Success is a process that brings Allan Hancock College and a student, who registers for credit classes, into a partnership with the purpose of realizing the student’s educational goals through the college’s established programs, policies and requirements. Therefore, the START program is required before enrolling in any math or English course or any course that has a math or English prerequisite.


The enrollment fee is waived for most high school students taking a concurrent enrollment course. However, students may be required to pay for books and/or the Student Health Fee. (Verify expenses with your high school counselor).


Concurrent Enrollment College Now Appeal Form PDF

Concurrent Enrollment College Now Petition for Enrollment PDF

Privacy Information for Parents PDF

Student Authorization to Release Information PDF



Concurrent Enrollment Student Parent Handbook PDF

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Lauren Kueffler

Lauren Kueffler
Biology Major/Student Trustee

"Staying local and coming to Allan Hancock College has been rewarding in so many ways. I am able to fulfill all my core courses like chemistry and biology to transfer to a four-year university. I have also become active on campus as a student trustee on the Allan Hancock College Board of Trustee. My time on campus has allowed me to develop my voice, as well as a plan for my future."
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