People with Political Science Degrees

Here are some people you might know who have degrees in political science and/or government 

Richard Anderson – CEO of Delta Airlines
Joe Biden – Vice President of the United States
Lloyd Blankfein – CEO of Goldman Sachs investment firm
Bill Clinton – former President of the United States
Hilary Clinton – former Secretary of State and US Senator
Miriam Defesor-Santiago – International Criminal Court and member of the Senate of the Philippines
Larry Fink – CEO of Blackrock investment firm
Mia Hamm – US Women’s National Soccer Team
Dan Hesse – CEO of Sprint Nextel
Henry Kissinger – former US diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize winner
Gavin Newsom – Lieutenant Governor of California
Barack Obama – President of the United States and former US Senator
Condoleezza Rice – former Secretary of State (first female African-American to hold that job)
Cokie Roberts – political reporter
Jessica Scarffe – Associate Professor, Allan Hancock College
Kevin Walthers – President/Superintendent, Allan Hancock College

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Aurora Ruvalcaba

Aurora Ruvalcaba

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