Rehearsal Calendar


August 21 Rehearsal
  28 Rehearsal
September 4 Rehearsal (Labor Day)
  11 Rehearsal
  18 Rehearsal
  25 Rehearsal
  29  Rehearsal 
  30 Evening Concert V.C.A.
October 2 Rehearsal
  9 Rehearsal
  16 Rehearsal
  23 Rehearsal
  30 Rehearsal
  3 Rehearsal
  4 Evening Concert V.C.A
  6 None
  13 Rehearsal
  20 Rehearsal
  27 Rehearsal
December Evening Concert V.C.A 
  5 None


January  22 Rehearsal
  29  Rehearsal
February 5 Rehearsal
  12 Rehearsal
  19 Rehearsal (Wash B-day)
  26 Rehearsal
 March 5 Rehearsal
  10 Evening Concert V.C.A
  12 Rehearsal
  17 Band-A-Rama(AHC)
  19 None (Spring Break)
  26 Rehearsal
 April 2 Rehearsal
  9 Rehearsal
  16  Rehearsal 
  23 Rehearsal
  30 Rehearsal
 May 11 Rehearsal
  12 Evening Concert V.C.A 

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Claudia Sancho

Claudia Sancho
Culinology® student

"The Culinology® program at Allan Hancock College has helped me learn more about my future work in dietetics, and the instructors in the program are extremely knowledgeable in their field and ready to help in whatever way they can. I've come to feel like I've found a niche and help to further my education at the university level. Allan Hancock College is doing an excellent thing in providing this much-needed program in a field that needs well-rounded graduates."

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